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Connecting people with memory loss to the language and joy of music, since 2015

Memories through music

How has music touched you or a loved one?

Our Mission

We aim to improve the quality of life for persons facing age related memory issues through the power of music.
Using a combination of professional level performances and therapeutic techniques, we provide interactive music programs which engage the residents on intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and emotional levels. 

Improving self-confidence

"Songs by Heart allows residents to feel successful at a time in their lives when feeling successful is rare."

Stress Reduction
In Alzheimer’s Disease, music-evoked emotions and memories are often preserved, and listening to music, especially familiar songs, can at least temporarily reduce anxiety, enhance self-consciousness and identity, and improve cognitive performance in tasks of verbal and autobiographical (episodic) memory.
Social Interaction

"Songs by Heart is not just a music program, it is an event that engages people at various cognitive levels and provides an environment that illuminates peace and happiness and contentment." 

What Is Songs by Heart?

Songs by Heart is an engagement-centered program developed for Memory Care Communities in which a professional level singer leads an interactive sing-along up to five times per week, 45 minutes per day, with piano accompaniment.

The singers use therapeutic techniques such as mirroring, verbal and gestural prompting, making direct eye contact, and holding hands with residents throughout the program. Singers encourage residents to join in the singing, clapping, and dancing, as well as to engage in conversation centered around the musical selections.

People We've Helped

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