Remote Options

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Songs by Heart is offering several new options to keep people singing safely. To inquire about any of these new options, please email or call 312-340-7511.
Virtual Sessions


Our most popular option, these sessions take place over Skype or Zoom. Communities can connect a computer or iPad to the TV screen in their activity space, projecting their familiar singer and pianist onto the big screen while they lead the session from home. With the webcam pointed at the residents, the singer can see them as well and speak to them directly, using their names and responding to requests in real time.


Additionally, SBH singers are able to do full length one-on-one virtual sessions for dementia sufferers confined to their rooms or living outside of Senior Living Communities.

Pre-Recorded Sessions


Songs by Heart has been creating pre-recorded sessions to be broadcast over YouTube, through our Patreon page. Staff Music Therapist Jenny Cook has worked with pianists to record hours of SBH favorites which are then edited down to 30-40 minute programs. Though less interactive than Skype, these pre-recorded programs still encourage the residents to sing and move along with Jenny and available programs change weekly. Subscribers get unlimited views of the available weekly programs.


This is a great option for communities who are not allowing groups to gather or even keeping residents isolated to their rooms. The videos can be broadcast via internal tv stations or can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or via in-room television hook-up.

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Live Outdoor Sessions


Songs by Heart has been able to offer outdoor programs when the weather is warm enough. In some cities, these outdoor programs are available all year round! 

Singer and pianist set up a keyboard outdoors in a courtyard or other designated area. In many cases, it is possible to get to this area without ever entering the building. Residents are brought outside and placed a safe distance from the musicians and each other. This limits the number of people able to attend outside, but in many cases, other residents participate from their own rooms with windows open. SBH personnel wear face masks at all times and maintain at least 6 ft distance from any residents or staff present.